Thursday, July 2, 2009

8 Key Benefits of Utilizing Piece Work as a Calling Card

A random encounter with a massage newbie led to an enlightened experience for both parties the other day.

Knowing I was massage friendly, this newbie dropped by to talk about marketing experiences and the conversation quickly led to the challenge of competing with corporate massage entities.

Frustration was obvious as this new MT discussed trying to generate clients when the local massage mill pitches prices so low, he cannot compete.

I challenged him to think differently and asked what was his favorite part of the body to work on.

"I really love arms" he said, and asked if he could demonstrate.

His work was both unique and thorough and as he worked I shared the idea of doing piece work.

Piece work isn't new, but it may not have generated much thought from massage practitioners.
I predict it will become a dominant trend in both gorilla marketing, and specialty approach.

If you break your massage into smaller segments of work it can present several advantages for marketing, specialty and client retention.

Here are 8 Key Benefits of Utilizing Piece Work as a Calling Card:
  1. Reduces time requirement which lowers initial price point.
  2. Injury or issue specific massage increases value for customer having discomfort right now.
  3. Delivers intangibles: style, quality of touch, knowledge and professionalism in real time.
  4. Provides for an integrated introduction of your technique.
  5. Facilitates on site, or instant gratification for customer.
  6. Less intimidating when work can be done without disrobing.
  7. Displays immediate benefits for the receiver.
  8. Generates marketing income instead of marketing costs