Saturday, March 14, 2009

Comment on "The Future of the Massage Profession""

Following is a comment I left on a post from Julie Onofrio on

"I just feel the need to mention the many other options that massage school can lead to that makes getting a massage education a wonderful starting point.

Some massage therapists go on to become chiropractors, physical therapists, doctors, personal trainers, spa & beauty professionals, health and wellness trainers and more.

High school graduates face the same experience and maturity challenges in any job or career, and as you and I did, have the option to decide to go it on their own if needed.

Like you, the entrepreneurial spirit moved me quickly into my own massage practice, and the two decades that followed taught me that the future of almost any trade will require multiple streams of income, perhaps multiple jobs/careers, and offer countless opportunities for the innovative, creative and dauntless individual.

The future of massage is an open book . . . what will you write in it?

Best of success to you."

~ B ~

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